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Well, all but the living room floor are stained and laquored now so things are coming together finally. This week the plumber and the electrician come to finish their part of the job. The final thing to be done is installing the kitchen, it is built but we are waiting for the counter top so it can be mounted. I figure I will start moving in stuff some time by the end of the week unless the plumber and/or the electrician can't make it.

Keeping my fingers crossed :-)


Well it has been a long time since I posted anything here and things have been rolling forward. The only things that are left now are as follows:

  1. Staining and lacquering the floors
  2. Install the lights and sockets
  3. Installing the toilet and bathroom sink.
  4. Mounting the kitchen counters

Most of this I hope to have done some time during next week except the kitchen since the counter top doesn't arrive until the beginning of February some time. I figure I can move in without the kitchen done so hopefully I can move in the next couple of weeks. Man this has been a long journey but it is coming to an end finally.


Finally we have a mason on the job, he starts up today clearing away all the old cement and gunk from the chimney. Hopefully he might be done with it in a week or so, perhaps sooner, and then we can get the floors on the second floor done. After that he just has to lay the tiles in the hall and bathrooms. The last thing left then will be to do all the painting, it is getting so close :-). Perhaps we can make the September wishful thinking date...all will come down to when the stairs are ready.


P.S. I'll try and get some more pictures any day now ;-)

Well we have the plans for the window frames ready, here are the 2 choices we have:


So this is the plane one and the next one is the more "gaudy" of the two :-)


Yesterday we also discussed the stair designs we want to use, as soon as we get the prices and the 3d pics I'll post them.


After working on Finn's drawings for hours the other day, we hooked up with an old friend of Finn's, Jan Ivar, and went over the plans. Eventually I agreed with them on a few points and might change the second floor/loft quite a bit. Here are the new drawings, what do you think?


So the livingroom and diningroom have changed places and the livingroom is much bigger.


Not a lot there yet but this would then be the bedroom/living area for me...sort of a loft area since it is open down.

Made some snapshots from the 3d model I have of the house, at least they give a rough idea of what it might look like when done.


As you can see this is the kitchen on the second floor.


So here is the livingroom


Here is the diningroom, on the upper right is the office area and will have a sliding door. On the left is the 'dressing room' connected to the bathroom.


Here is the loft with the tv room and the master bedroom further in.

Ignore all the colors you see, I was just testing something and have not been bothered to change them yet :)

Dropped by the place yesterday and now we need the electrician to com in since the insolation is in all the walls and the roof :). When the electrician has done his thing they will throw up some sheet rock ( think that is what the english word for it is ), then they get started on the floor in the loft. Things are finally moving along forward steadily.

I'll see if I can't make some jpg images from the 3d plans I have been working on to give an idea of what it will look like when done.


Hey there.

Things are moving forward, me and uncle Rolf worked on the roof again this weekend and finished half of the back roof...the last bit.

Rolf on the roof

They are getting ready to insolate the roof as well now, then they will continue with the floor up there in the attic.


We finally have the windows and doors mounted!

After this weekend we also have finished cleaning the tiles and finished both side roof's, now all we need to do is finish the roof on the backside of the house and we are done with the outside work...at least until the weather is good enough to paint. Things are moving forward.


Well it has been a while since I posted here. Things have been standing still for most of the fall while we where waiting for windows and doors. They arrived in early Rolf December so now they have started up again. Since we had some good weather this weekend me, dad and my uncle Rolf got to work on the roof.

Dad, uncle Rolf and me laying down the roof

After spending much of saturday up there we are more than half done with the roof, yay :)

Half done and then some

Well I hope to post some more during the spring and hopefully showing the good progress inside as well.


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