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I'm posting this a couple of weeks late but hopefully I remember most of what happened correctly :-)

So we got up early 08:30 or so for my part, still not feeling great but I had been waiting for this the last month or so...no way a bug was going to stop me from brewing beer. I was picked up and headed up to my parents place to wait for our pickup by Rob. Eventually he came and we all headed off towards Ims where we would learn how to brew beer together with Rob.

We got started as soon as we arrived at the farm where it was all going to happen. The first thing we did was go over the recipies Rob had made and decided to brew a brown sort of bitter ale.

Will just write down the point now then continue the writeup later...

  1. Got the tanks ready, the first one was heated allready...can't remember the temp..
  2. Measured out the malt grains we where to use then started grinding it
  3. Added the ground malt to the water and let it soak for about 60 min.
  4. Now we transferred the water & malt sugar water to the other tank for cooking.
  5. heated up the water to boiling temp, while we waited we measured out the various hops types we where to use.
  6. Gradually added the various hops types at the stated intervalls approx 15 min between each.
  7. Got the cooling coils ready then as we hit the right time put them in and started the cooling process ( he said that the quicker we can cool it the better ).
  8. Transferred the wort to the "dunks"

When we got home we did this:

  1. Removed enough wort to fill a 1.5 l bottle from each "dunk", this was "correct" method to re introduce sugar after the fermenting and before bottling. Usually you add sugar to each bottle.
  2. Added the yeast
  3. Capped the "dunks"

Then we wait...

All in all a fun day and we learned a lot about brewing beer :-)


This is a blog where I will try to start logging the experiences I have brewing beer with my dad and brother.


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