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Everyone is coming over for a pre xmas celebration today so we are going to test a bottle..a bit early but we want to test one before xmas :-)

Finn shook the bottle a little and it did not look like there was any CO2 in there but it needed to be tested. The cap was popped and we filled 3 glasses, lo and behold there was foam!! It seems we have made beer after all :-). We all seem to like the taste, but there is not quite enough bubbles yet. We will let it sit a week or so more. It does taste nice I think, a round flavour and a touch bitter. I look forward to testing more :-)


So we are bottling today, these are the steps we took:

  1. Added the Wurt (or however you spell it) that we took out before adding yeast. 1 bottle pr. dunk. This is done instead of adding 1/4 ts or so of sugar to each bottle, this is to get CO2.
  2. Split into 3 jobs. Cleaning, capping/transport and filling.
  3. Cleaning with a Crystal Soda mix, to disinfect.
  4. Using a tube to transfer the beer to the bottles.

It all seemed to go rather well, we did not have the right equipment to measure the gravity so we are unsure if there is any alcohol in this but we assume there is.

Now we wait...


So we tasted the beer and it tasted like flat beer, therefore we decided it was time to bottle, after a bit of discussion we decided the bottling would be done tomorrow. We went to IKEA and bought 70 bottles to use, transparent (not really the best) so we need to keep them in a dark place but they are the old type with a flip top (or whatever you call them). We are exited :-)


So it is still not fermenting so dad talked with Rob to find out how his is going. His had started earlier in the week. They decided that we should taste it and see if it still was sweet or like beer. If it is sweet we should add some more yeast and if it tastes like beer we are to bottle it.


My dad has been checking the beer every day but it is still not fermenting...something is not quite right. Hopefully soon.


This is a blog where I will try to start logging the experiences I have brewing beer with my dad and brother.


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