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We finally have the windows and doors mounted!

After this weekend we also have finished cleaning the tiles and finished both side roof's, now all we need to do is finish the roof on the backside of the house and we are done with the outside work...at least until the weather is good enough to paint. Things are moving forward.


Well it has been a while since I posted here. Things have been standing still for most of the fall while we where waiting for windows and doors. They arrived in early Rolf December so now they have started up again. Since we had some good weather this weekend me, dad and my uncle Rolf got to work on the roof.

Dad, uncle Rolf and me laying down the roof

After spending much of saturday up there we are more than half done with the roof, yay :)

Half done and then some

Well I hope to post some more during the spring and hopefully showing the good progress inside as well.


About the house in Old Stavanger and the work being done on it. This is where you will found updates on what is happening.


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