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Well things are going slow, we are waiting for the windows and doors before they start working again. It is a bit frustrating but also gives us time to try finishing off the roof ourselves and finish removing anything that needs removing :)

I'm doubting that it will be done before x-mas after all :(


Removing the floor

Well I've been working on the house again and it is time to remove the floor in the attic. When this is done we can finish off the attic and we can get the second floor done. Things are coming along slowly but steadily...


I have been uploading a bunch of pictures of the house, I'll post a selection of them here:


This is the backside of the house, nice little park area to use as our own :)

The main entrance

This was the main entrance to the house.

Demolition crew

The demolition crew

Here are the rest of the pictures.

Well it has been a while since my last post...again :)

There has been a hold up of about 4-5 weeks while we have done som more demolition work inside as well as cleaned tiles. We have also been waiting for materials that they needed to continue.

So this week they started up with the paneling on the back side of the house, will look very nice.


Hey there,

been a while since my last post now. Well things are moving forward.

The back of the house is now rebuilt, we are just waiting for the windows so they can do the panneling. The roof is now mostly repaired. T

Well we started working on the house this weekend, 2/3 of the tiles on the front side of the roof is done. We are helping with some of the work to save money, one of those things is taking the tiles of the roof. I'll see if I can't get hold of some of the photos from Daniel (Ben's brother).


Hey there,
well we now have confirmed that we start working on the house one week from now. We will be having a meeting with the contractor on thursday to go over the plan and find out how much things are going to cost.

Here are some pictures of the final drawings we sent in to the kommune...





Well we finally have gotten the papers we need to get started on the house. Last week we got word from the kommune that the acceptance papers where in the mail. We have talked to the contractor and he said he can start in 2 weeks and tomorrow me and my dad have a meeting with his bank. If all goes well (keeping my fingers crossed) we can start working on the house for real, it has only taken about 2 year from when we first bought the house.

Hey there everyone, things are moving forward finally. After months of back and forth with a nit picking beurocrat in the kommune 3 weeks ago the papers where finally sendt on to a group called 'Foreningen Gamle Stavanger'. My dad and I had a meeting with a consultant in the group on Saturday which went rather well from what we both could tell. He pointed out various things like the fact that in most cases he would not want to see anyone cut away sections of a floor that alter the character of the house and such. But he went on to say that to make a house liveable there has to be a compromise, in this case he thought that we had chosen the best alternatives. There where a couple other things he pointed out but all in all it seems we might be allowed to do what we want :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed; the guy has until the end of next week to send in his report.

Hey again.

Well I met with our handler at the 'kommune' to show him the new drawings. After a bit of back and forth and measuring he finally said that he would be willing to accept the new ones. He would not guarantee that they where detailed enough that the Antiquarian would accept them...

Turns out that he was measuring the facade drawing up against the actual floor plan drawings and found a couple millimetre discrepancies...which should not make a real difference for them. The main thing when it comes to Old Stavanger is that the aesthetics is right since it is a museum, and that we follow the style of the original design. No matter, he said ok :)



Here are the new versions of the drawings for anyone that is wondering...






About the house in Old Stavanger and the work being done on it. This is where you will found updates on what is happening.


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