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Hey everyone.

It has been a while. Well things have been going slow; I have experienced how slow the beurocracy can work and so on.

At the end of October we sendt in the bulding application and after waiting for 8 weeks of waiting and bugging the official at the local government office we finally had a reply. This basically told us that the drawings where useless and they wanted us to explain in detail how all the building work is going to be done (not usual). Technical drawing where required and they need pictures of all the windows we are going to use and so on...

Now we finally are ready with the new drawings and are getting ready to send in the new documentation. This time we intend to hand all the papers to the official personally and go over everything while we are there to find out if it looks ok. If the guy is happy this time round we just need to convince the City Antiquarian (direct translation) and the Old Stavanger Association that what we want to do with the house is justefied.

Will try to get the new drawings up soon and try to update this place more :)


Hey again, nothing for months then two in one day ;)

Since we hare getting close to the starting point (I hope) I decided to finish removing the old linoleum flooring. After several hours of hard work I had revealed nice old wooden floors, all that needs to be done with them is sanding then oiling. This will save us quite a bit of money and last but not least time. All we really need to do is cut away a couple of bad sections and replace it with similar wood. Yay :)


Hey there, first and foremost I'm changing to English...relized that there are a couple of you that do not read Norwegian :). Well now to the real stuff.

Sorry for not updating in a while but it has been a real busy summer. I have promised to upload some of the drawings for a while now; well here are the ones that we have used for the application.


First off we have the basement and the entrance to the apartment my parents will own. On the left is the bedroom and stairs up. Straight ahead is the bathroom.


Next is the first floor which will be the entrance to our apartment and the rest of my parent’s one. As you come up the stairs from the basement you enter the living/dining room areas. At the top we have a small office/bedroom on the left and on the kitchen on the right.

The left section is our entrance hall that has some storage space on the left just as you enter. As you go up a small set of stairs you have the staircase up to the second floor. Past the stairs is a small bathroom that doubles as a wash room and has a door so we can get out back.


Then we have the second floor which is our main floor. On the left hand side of the drawing is the staircase, door to the balcony and a small office/bedroom. In the middle section of the drawing we have the living room on the left and the dining room on the right. On the far right is a possible place for the main bedroom. In the living room is the staircase up to the top floor. The top left as you can see will be the kitchen and the right side will be the bathroom. The door to the balcony in the kitchen will most likely be where I first said and not here. The bathroom will most likely be a little larger, extending the depth of the rightmost counter of the kitchen.


This is the top floor. Here the section of the floor over the kitchen will be removed and a small railing put up around. The left part of the floor will be a small TV room and the right part will be a bedroom (most likely where the master bedroom will be).


This is what eh front will look like, not really any changes except the windows on the roof.



This is hopefully what the back will look like.

About the house in Old Stavanger and the work being done on it. This is where you will found updates on what is happening.


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