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Hey again.

Well I met with our handler at the 'kommune' to show him the new drawings. After a bit of back and forth and measuring he finally said that he would be willing to accept the new ones. He would not guarantee that they where detailed enough that the Antiquarian would accept them...

Turns out that he was measuring the facade drawing up against the actual floor plan drawings and found a couple millimetre discrepancies...which should not make a real difference for them. The main thing when it comes to Old Stavanger is that the aesthetics is right since it is a museum, and that we follow the style of the original design. No matter, he said ok :)



Here are the new versions of the drawings for anyone that is wondering...






Hey everyone.

It has been a while. Well things have been going slow; I have experienced how slow the beurocracy can work and so on.

At the end of October we sendt in the bulding application and after waiting for 8 weeks of waiting and bugging the official at the local government office we finally had a reply. This basically told us that the drawings where useless and they wanted us to explain in detail how all the building work is going to be done (not usual). Technical drawing where required and they need pictures of all the windows we are going to use and so on...

Now we finally are ready with the new drawings and are getting ready to send in the new documentation. This time we intend to hand all the papers to the official personally and go over everything while we are there to find out if it looks ok. If the guy is happy this time round we just need to convince the City Antiquarian (direct translation) and the Old Stavanger Association that what we want to do with the house is justefied.

Will try to get the new drawings up soon and try to update this place more :)


Om huset i Gamle Stavanger og arbeidet vi gjør. Her vil dere finne oppdateringer på hvordan det går og hva som skjer.

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