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Hey there everyone, things are moving forward finally. After months of back and forth with a nit picking beurocrat in the kommune 3 weeks ago the papers where finally sendt on to a group called 'Foreningen Gamle Stavanger'. My dad and I had a meeting with a consultant in the group on Saturday which went rather well from what we both could tell. He pointed out various things like the fact that in most cases he would not want to see anyone cut away sections of a floor that alter the character of the house and such. But he went on to say that to make a house liveable there has to be a compromise, in this case he thought that we had chosen the best alternatives. There where a couple other things he pointed out but all in all it seems we might be allowed to do what we want :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed; the guy has until the end of next week to send in his report.

Om huset i Gamle Stavanger og arbeidet vi gjør. Her vil dere finne oppdateringer på hvordan det går og hva som skjer.

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